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2nd International Conference on Islam and Science:

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2nd International Conference on Islam and Science:
Past, Present and Future of Food and Medicine

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In Partnership with The Blueshift Project®

The British Muslim Heritage Centre (BMHC) and The Blueshift Project® are pleased to announce the organisation of the second international conference on Islam and Science: Past, Present and Future.

This conference is the second of many scholarly events to be organised by BMHC, which aims to offer a better appreciation of Islamic culture and civilisation and the Muslim contribution to modern science and civilisation, aspects which are poorly appreciated or totally misunderstood today.

The aim of the conference is the promotion of the Islamic scholars’ achievements throughout history.
This event is also intended to bring a better understanding of the interactions and exchanges, which have taken place between various faiths and cultures in enriching our common heritage. It will involve the participation of scholars and audiences of all faiths and backgrounds and, more importantly, focus on contributions that are transpiring now that will impact on the future.
This conference is planned to be an annual meeting place for all those working on and those wishing to know more about, the historical role of Islam, its culture and the people who lived under its aegis. We will also have presentations by Muslim contributors of today and how they visualize their work moulding the future.The conference is open to scholars, students and people interested in civilizations. It is also open to those involved in the teaching profession who are interested in scholarship in general and Islamic thought in particular. The conference subjects open wide and diverse discussion and should be accessible to most elements of the general public.

Parallel to the conference, we will hold a workshop on Geometric Patterns in

Islamic Art.
-The conference will be held in the 18th & 19th October 2014 at the BMHC.
In order to contribute to these issues, researchers from all academic backgrounds including social sciences and humanities, life sciences, engineering, medicine, etc. are invited to send proposals to discuss topics including, but not limited to:

* The history of plant medicine.
* Food and diet
* The future challenges for public health: new technologies and practices.

Following the conference, all papers will be published in the www.islamandscience.co.uk website.


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