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7 Deadly Sins

A new 8-Week course starting on Thursday 7th February 2019 from 7pm – 9pm.

The 8 week course will cover two topics each week for 45 mins each.

Topic 1: 7 Deadly Sins
By Ustadh Rehan Salim

Topic 2: Stories from the Qur’an
By Ustadh Abid Khan

7 Deadly Sins
Covering topics such as:
Shirk • Witchcraft • Murder • Ribaa
Intoxicants and more!

Stories from the Qur’an 
Covering topics such as:
Stories of Prophet Adam • Prophet Nuh • Prophet Yunus
Luqman • The People of the Cave and more!

Registration Fee: £25 (covers full 8 week course)


For more information or to register please click on the link below:



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