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A 120 year family secret revealed at the BMHC

A Family Secret

One hundred and twenty years ago, a man from a humble working-class background in the blackened, industrial north of England, made a bold and brave decision. Robert Stanley – converted to Islam. Becoming Brother Robert ‘Reschid.’

Fast forward to a hundred years later, and by an astonishing twist of fate, his own Great x3 Grandson also turned to Islam. But without knowing anything of Robert Reschid’s incredible change of direction in life.

“This story needs to be heard – by both Muslims and non-Muslims”

YOUR chance to help the world to know about one of the earliest recorded white converts to Islam. Help to publish this book whilst supporting his family to tackle Islamophobia and to promote peace and understanding.

HELP US TO WRITE ROBERT RESCHID’S STORY. Support us to produce a book that will forge greater understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims, as we share this man’s incredible life and achievements.

Come Join Us – and Celebrate!

On Sunday 22nd April it will be exactly 120 years since Robert Reschid said Shahada (became a Muslim.). A special celebration of this anniversary will take place at the BMHC. We have made all tickets FREE in the hope that you will want to donate an amount to this ground-breaking project. You can book your FREE eventbrite ticket below – but please do remember to donate and see the different benefits available to you for whatever amount you can afford, when you do this. To attend the event, book here via Eventbrite.

What Your Contribution Helps With

We need to raise just £6,150 (US $8,493) in order to to publish 500 beautiful, professional paperbacks (this includes cost of professional writing, structural and copy-editing, proofing, printing and eBook layout/ hosting online as well as community visits to present the book.) Help us to raise money via Launchgood here.

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