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Beacon Institute’s Rashid Course is Coming to the BMHC

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Beacon Institute Rashid Course

A two year part-time course on Sahriah Studies and Quran Recitation for students, young mothers and professionals

The British Muslim Heritage Centre (BMHC) in partnership with the BEACON institute supported by Gift of Knowledge (GOK) will be launching the Rashid Course in Manchester on 15th and 16thNovember 2014.

The course is designed for those wishing to develop their fundamental understanding of religion, gain practical knowledge to practice and to disseminate to others. Interested individuals will go through a structured course on a part-time basis, without affecting any full time education or employment commitment.

There are two primary objectives of the course, which are:

  1. Learn your religion – To equip all participants with fundamental knowledge of religion.
  2. Teach your religion – To enable interested individuals to teach the fundamentals of religion.

Course introduction by Sheikh Fahim Al Anam – http://youtu.be/ibxmRKmQeHY

​Rashid Course Students Feedback – http://youtu.be/ATibS3abSvw

 Date: Sat 15th and Sun 16th November 2014

or visit www.beaconinstitute.co.uk or call 0203 743 9350.


This two day intensive course will focus on some of the underlying reasons for differences in Islamic beliefs and practices (Aqidah and Fiqh) among scholars, and will also explore various options to minimise the impact of these differences and conflicts in our interactions on social and personal levels.


To help participants to:

  • Understand why Islamic Scholars differ
  • Accept and respect scholarly differences

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the course participants should:

  • Be aware of legitimate Islamic differences
  • Understand the underlying reasons for differences
  • Be able to accept and respect scholarly differences
  • Be able to cope with Islamic differences in a given circumstance
  • Be more tolerant towards the wider community

12 weekend modules over 2 years, to fit in with your life!

1) Why Scholars Differ? – Understand the different types of evidences, how they are categorised and how the scholars come to their rulings.

2) The Divine Connection (Ulum Al-Quran) – Learn how the Quran was revealed, preserved, compiled and transmitted to us.

3) Our Lord our Destination (Usul Al-Deen) – This module focuses on the Islamic creed (Aqidah) and correct belief in Allah (swt).

4) Traditions of the Beloved (Ulum Al-Hadith) – Study the second source of Shariah ruling and the different dimensions of the science of Prophetic tradition (hadith).

5) Prostrate to your Lord (Fiqh of Taharah and Prayer) – Focussing on worship, this module covers the fundamental aspects of purification and prayer.

6) Seerah of the Prophet (saw) – A brief but concise account of the biography of the Prophet Muhammad (saw)

7) Tying the Knot (Marriage and Family Life) – Looking at the requirements, rights and obligations of individuals in married life. Looking at family life issues fiqh and social perspective.

8) Usul Al-Fiqh – Understand how Shariah rulings are derived from evidences, providing a understanding of obligations and prohibitions upon the individual in a given circumstance.

9) Nourishment of the Soul (Spirituality) – This intensive course looks into the various inner dimensions body, heart, mind and soul.

10) Teaching – A Prophetic Profession (Effective Teaching Methods) – The module focuses on the philosophy of education, knowledge and teaching in Islam.

11) Worship your Lord (Fiqh of Sawm, Zakat & Hajj) – Understand the objective of the Divine obligations of Fasting, Zakat and Hajj.

12) Maqasid Al-Shariah (Objectives of the Shariah) – Explore the objectives of the Lawgiver pertaining to the individual, family, the Ummah and humanity at large.

Who will be teaching?

· Sheikh Fahimul Anam (London)
· Sheikh Hasan Mahmood (Manchester)
· Sheikha Selina Begum Ali (London)
· Sheikh Hammad-ur-Rahman Fahim (Manchester)

Have a look at the profiles of our lead instructors at http://www.rashidcourse.com/teachers/

STUDENT AND UNEMPLOYED RATE: £50 per module (£600 – full 2yr course)

EMPLOYED RATE: £58 per module (£750 – full 2yr course)

Fees can be paid in easy to manage instalments over 2 years.

(Full 2yr course – only £25 per module)
DEADLINE: Open Day (15th October)

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