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BMHC Official Announcement Regarding the Coronavirus (Update)

Following on from the announcement made by the health authorities, the BMHC has taken the very difficult decision to suspend all classes, talks, youth sessions, events, activities and Heritage Academy after-school club until further notice.

As per the guidelines on social contact/distancing, we are also recommending all brothers and sisters to pray their daily prayers at home in congregation with their families. Also the Friday Jummuah Prayers will not be taking place at the BMHC until further notice. Therefore, on Fridays all brothers and sisters should instead pray the Dhuhr prayer (4 Rak’ah) at home instead of the Jummuah prayers.

Please note that these measures will take effect from Isha prayer on Tuesday 17th March 2020.

We will continue to closely monitor the situation and update you accordingly Insha’Allah.

We greatly appreciate your patience and support of the BMHC during this difficult time. We ask Allah to protect us all and shower us with His Mercy.

Jazaakum Allahu Kharyrun

Tuesday 17th March 2020

British Muslim Heritage Centre

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