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Pearls of Wisdom

Back This Project! A collection of inspirational quotes of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) A Unique Sadaqah Jariyah Opportunity Please donate to help us publish our latest book containing a collection of inspirational quotes of our beloved Prophet Muhammad ...

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BMHC Annual Report 2020-2021

Thank you to all our partners, communities and friends of the centre for their support during the Covid-19 period. It has been one of the most challenging years we have ever had, but still managed to achieve so much with ...

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Our Latest Publications

Below is more information on our latest publications by the British Muslim Heritage Centre:Ottoman Turkey – History, Culture & CivilisationA fascinating new book detailing the numerous scientific, artistic and architectural accomplishments of the Ottomans. The book covers such topics as ...

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New Book: What is Islam? Now available

The BMHC is proud to announce our latest publication, ‘What Is Islam?’ A fascinating new book that sheds light on Islam and also dispels many of the common misconceptions and myths about Islam. Some of the questions clarified in this ...

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British Muslims form the second largest faith group in the UK. The Office for National Statistics released figures estimating at least 3.4 million British Muslims, constituting 5.9% of the total population of England (ONS 2018; ONS 2020). Britain’s Muslims are ...

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