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Seminars and Conferences

Hosting senior members of the UK Armed Forces

  We had the pleasure of hosting senior members of the UK Armed Forces from across the region at the British Muslim Heritage Centre today. They attend our full-day in-house ‘Cultural and Religious Awareness of Islam and Muslim’ course where ...

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The Life, Legacy and Return of Jesus (Isa AS)

Prophets Ibrahim (Abraham), Nuh (Noah), Salih, Hud (Eber) and Muhammad (SAW) came in a certain context. They came to people who were non-believers and polytheists. It was a struggle between belief and disbelief; between tawheed (monotheism) and shirk (polytheism). However ...

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Press Statement – ROHINGYA, The Forgotten People

Governments and local communities urged to highlight the plight of Rohingya people Kyaw Win from Burmese Muslim Association and Burma Human Rights Network said, “Rohingya genocide in Burma is the outcome of anti Muslim sentiment. Anti Muslim sentiment is the ...

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