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Seminars and Conferences

Islamic Heritage In The Balkans

   The 25th of January will see Dr Steff Keris deliver a talk about Islmic Heritage in the Balkans; namely Romania, Bulgaria, The Former Yugoslavia and Albania. The course is delivered as part of the BMHC’s 2014 series of courses ...

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Are you considering running a campaign this year?

Do you need to mobilise your staff, your colleagues, your constituency, your community, or indeed your nation, to take up a challenge, or a cause that you really care about? Anything from increasing organ donation rates; improving crime reporting; electing ...

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Islam, Science and Scientism Conference

The British Muslim Heritage Centre organised an international conference on Islam, Science and Scientism. The conference was held from 27th – 28th April 2013, and was the first major scholarly event organised by the BMHC; we intend it to be ...

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Launch of the European Academy of Quranic Studies

The European Academy of Quranic Studies (EAQS) was launched in partnership with the British Muslim Heritage Centre with a 2-day international seminar on Tadabbur Al-Quran. Tadabbur is the process of using intellect to ponder, analyse, contemplate, reflect, examine and understand ...

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Living The Legacy Conference 2013

Ather Khan (Peace TV - India)

The Muslim civilisation stretched from Spain to China making leaps and bounds in science, mathematics, medicine and civil society. Great jurists such as Imaam Abu Hanifa, great Muhadith such as Imaam Bukhari and great liberators such as Saladeen Ayubi have all gone down in ...

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Diabetes and Ramadan International Forum 2013

Diabetes and Ramadan International Forum The Diabetes Education Study Group (DESG) in collaboration with Diabetes UK and the Gulf Group for the study of Diabetes (GGSD) organised the very first International Forum ‘Diabetes and Ramadan’ on the 12th March 2013 at ...

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Commonwealth Leaders’ Visit 2013

The BMHC hosted a group of very senior Commonwealth leaders on the 21st of March 2013 . They were part of a group who were in the United Kingdom for the CSC Leaders annual conference in partnership with HRH The Duke ...

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