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Police and Community Engagement

The British Muslim Heritage Centre (BMHC) hosted a Police and Community Engagement Event on 18th February 2014. The event provided an environment where police and members of the local Community got together to discuss problems and solutions in regards to crime ...

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The Friday Project

Ramadan As A Community – 14th June 2013 The Friday Project is an initiative set up to bring the wider Muslim community of Manchester together with the purpose of debating and discussing issues affecting the Muslim community. An event was organised in partnership with ...

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British Muslim Awards 2014

The British Muslim Heritage Centre was chosen as a finalist at this year’s British Muslim Awards. The annual awards celebrate and showcase the determination, hard work, personal, and commercial achievements of the British Muslim community. The British Muslim Heritage centre ...

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Ramadan & Eid ul Fitr 2013

Eid Prayer 2013

For the Holy month of Ramadan the British Muslim Heritage Centre made arrangements for Taraweeh (Ramadan evening prayer). A crèche, iftars (evening fast breaking meal) were held every Saturday throughout the month of Ramadan and every day during the last ...

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Weekly Youth Club

A weekly get together to relax, have some fun, and aspire to do more and aim higher. The British Muslim Heritage Centre has dedicated two permanent rooms for youth activities with a wide range of facilities such as pool tables, ...

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Launch of the European Academy of Quranic Studies

The European Academy of Quranic Studies (EAQS) was launched in partnership with the British Muslim Heritage Centre with a 2-day international seminar on Tadabbur Al-Quran. Tadabbur is the process of using intellect to ponder, analyse, contemplate, reflect, examine and understand ...

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Eid Festival 2013

BMHC Eid Festival 2013

The British Muslim Heritage Centre (BMHC) was delighted to once again host a family and community event on a huge scale. The rich and diverse community of Manchester was reflected in the people who attended in their thousands over the weekend. The event brought ...

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A Big Thank You To All For Volunteering At The BMHC

BMHC Volunteers

The Eid Festival and Ramdan were very much community events which brought together a section of young people from the local community to do something new and fresh during their summer holidays. Organising the Eid Festival was a unique environment for nearly ...

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