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Diabetes & Ramadan Workshop Summary

Diabetes and Ramadan Workshop: Thursday 2nd May 2019

Aims: The British Muslim Heritage Centre’s, new Chief Executive, Maqsood Ahmad, outlined the main aims of the workshop which were to help patients to successfully manage their diabetes during the month of Ramadan, and to explore the possibility of establishing a Greater Manchester Diabetes Inclusion Network. Shafiq Siddiq, General Manager of the BMHC, provided a brief introduction to the holy month of Ramadan. 

Professional perspective: Dr Tariq Chauhan, Dr Amir Hannan, Dr Almas Saleem and Dr Zahid Ahmed covered in their presentations how South Asian are 6 times more likely to have diabetes. They also discussed how the implications of uncontrolled diabetes has an impact on the heart, eyes, kidneys and brain. Prevention through increasing awareness and promotion of a healthier lifestyle was vital to managing diabetes particularly for those that are fasting.

Patient and Carer Perspective: Attendees of the workshop heard a patients perspective from Abdul Hamied, and also from a carer’s experience, Najma Khalid. They focused on good and poor services received from professionals and highlighted the importance of education, diet, physical and mental health including the importance of support from families and friends. They emphasized the need of culturally and religiously friendly mainstream services that can directly support and understand the needs of the Muslim and BAME communities. The participants also heard a moving story from Mohammed Ali, a young boxer on how he overcame the barriers of being a diabetes patient within sport.

Way forward: There was agreement that the BMHC will coordinate the development of a GM Diabetes Inclusion Network (GM DiN). The first meeting is to take place after the Ramadan. Any one who wishes to join the GM DiN Steering Group should contact: shafiq.siddiq@bmhc.org.uk. The second workshop on diabetes is planned for Aug 2019.

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