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Ebru – The Turkish Art of Paper Marbling


Ebru 31 Jan

“Paper marbling (Ebru) is a method of aqueous surface design, which can produce patterns similar to smooth marble or other stone. The patterns are the result of colour floated on either plain water or a viscous solution known as size, and then carefully transferred to an absorbent surface, such as paper or fabric.

Then the participants will be informed about the necessary materials (tray, brushes, solution, colours, etc.) for doing this craft.

Different types of pieces and styles will be shown in order to increase familiarity of participants with the art.

The instructor will show how to draw figures (background patterns, flowers etc.) on the water and transfer it on to papers. Finally, the participants will practice some basic figures one by one.”

Date: 31st January 2015

Time: 1pm-5pm

Venue: BMHC, College Road, Whalley Range, Manchester, M16 8BP

Fee: £10 Only



Email: administrator@bmhc.org.uk

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