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EID and Jummah Prayers at the BMHC

The British Muslim Heritage Centre is organising Eid al-Adha Prayer for the local Muslim community

First Eid Jamaat: 09:30 AM

Second Eid Jamaat: 11:00 AM

Friday prayer: 1:30 PM

Entry is via advance booking only.

Booking Option 1:

Text your name, phone number, post code and Jamaat time (first or second, or Friday) to 07405029469.

Booking Option 2:

If you want confirmation via email, then book via Eventbrite

First Eid Jamaat: 09:30 AM


Second Eid Jamaat: 11:00AM


Friday Jamaat: 01:30 PM


 Note: Do not book via both text and online

The British Muslim Heritage Centre is looking for male and female volunteers to help with the preparation for this Friday Eid Prayers. If you can assist, please email our Health and Safety Manager Waqar Hashmi at w.hashmi@bmhc.org.uk or alternatively phone on 07405029469

Please also read the following important information:

 People with any of the following conditions should not attend the prayers:

  • Those aged 65+ or children under the age of 12
  • Those with underlying health conditions and are at moderate or high risk of catching COVID-19 (see more details on the NHS website)
  • Those who have symptoms of COVID-19 (new persistent cough, flu, fever or a lost sense of taste or smell)
  • Those who live or have regular contact with COVID-19 patient(s)

We have prepared our facilities according to the Government Guidelines to prevent the spread of the coronavirus as much as possible. We have set certain rules and urge you all to strictly follow them to ensure a healthy and safe environment.

 Preparation Advice:

Please ensure you bring the following before you come to pray at the BMHC:

Your own prayer mat

A bag to keep your shoes

Face mask/covering

Your own foldable chair (if necessary)

Having performed wudhu at home (as wudhu facilities and toilets will NOT be available)

Having prayed Sunnah at home

 Registration Process:

Please help, by coming at least 15 minutes early, and joining the queue. Registration confirmation at the entrance is compulsory and our health and safety team will take the following steps:

Confirm or record your details (full name, phone number and postcode)

Check if you have your prayer mat, a face mask, no high temperature and a bag for your shoes.

Close the entry gates as soon as the maximum number of people is reached as per government safety and social distance regulations.

 Social Distancing Rules:

While at the centre, please take extra care to comply with these rules:

Stay calm in the queue and keep at least 1+ metres (or two arms’ length) apart from each other

Sanitise your hands from the foot operated sanitiser at the entrance, after putting your shoes in your bag.

Refrain from touching anything with your bare hands (e.g. door handles or wall etc.)

Enter the prayer hall and lay the prayer mat at the marked spot

Wear a face mask at all times

Do not park your car on the grass

 After the Prayer:

Things to consider whilst leaving the centre after the prayer:

Please listen to the Eid Khutba calmly and silently

Do not hug or shake hands with anyone

Please do not gather anywhere on the BMHC grounds and follow the 1+ metres (or two arm’s length) social distancing rule whilst leaving.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

A very Happy Eid Mubarak to you all!

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