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**Eid Mubarak** from the BMHC

**Eid Mubarak**

The British Muslim Heritage Centre will be holding Eid Prayers on Friday 15th June 2018

First Eid Jamaat: 9:00 am led by ustath Hussen Mahmood

Second Eid Jamaat: 10:30 am led by Sh. Zakariyya

Eid Prayers for Brothers will take place outside in the Marquee.

Eid Prayers for Sisters will be inside the main building.

Fitrana (Zakat-ul Fitr) is £4.50 per person

Jummah Prayer is as usual at 01:15 pm led by Sh. Waseem Khan

From everyone at the British Muslim Heritage Centre, we wish you all a wonderful Eid.

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