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FlyNas Geneology Competition T&C’s

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Trace Your Family Tree

British Muslim Family History Writing Contest

Deadline for Submissions – 5:00pm 21st April 2014


  • 5 people who compile the most outstanding family history will receive a pair of tickets for a 10 day return trip to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – sponsored by Flynas.com (Hotel accommodation and visas will have to be organised and paid for by winners.)
  • Winners will have to travel during the month of May 2014. If you are unable to travel, please let us know. Tickets will be transferable to people that the winners nominate should they be unable to travel themselves.
  • The most outstanding family history will also be published on the BMHC website and in the quarterly newsletter.
  • All submitted work meeting the requirements will be displayed in an exhibition at the British Muslim Heritage Centre (BMHC) for 14 days in July 2014.
  • 2 prizes (pairs of tickets) to be awarded to age range 12-16 years (proof of age may be requested by judges)
  • 3 prizes (pairs of tickets) to be awarded to ages 16+


  • The British Muslim Family History Writing Contest is open to all members of the British Muslim Community.
  • All entrants must be current UK passport holders, presently residing/living in the UK.
  • Contest judges, BMHC trustees, staff and their immediate family members are not eligible to enter the contest.
  • A paper with multiple authors will be accepted if it meets the requirements of the contest, however a lead author will need to be identified on the submission. If a winning paper has multiple authors, the prize will be awarded to the lead author.
  • Submissions must be received by 5.00pm 21st April 2014 at the very latest.


  • Manuscript Length:
    The manuscript must be between 2,000 and 3,000 words, including the title, text, and footnotes. However, the title that appears as a running header on each page is counted only on the first page. Illustrations, maps, and photographs essential to the story may be used, but any captions should be included in the word count.
  • Number of Generations:
    The genealogy must cover at least 2 generations and include both male and female descending lines. The chosen ancestor and spouse will be the first generation. All their children, with spouse(s), constitute the second generation. All grandchildren, with spouse(s), constitute the third generation. All great grandchildren, with spouse(s), constitute the fourth generation.
  • The ancestor may have been born elsewhere, but he or she must have actually lived in the United Kingdom. The second, third and fourth generations must also have lived in the United Kingdom.
  • Originality:
    A genealogy should not be entered in this contest if it has been submitted or will be submitted for publication elsewhere.

The submission should not just simply be a family tree but provide a narrative about each generation. (The actual/physical journey people took to arrive in the UK often provides fantastic material.) Relevant images, diagrams etc can be used.

We want to see lively, interesting, thought provoking work that will inspire others to delve into their past family history. Originality and creativity are the key points that judges will be interested in.

Narratives could include the contributions made by your family members to British society or engaging with the community.  Maybe a member of your family was the first Muslim to enter a specific profession or be an entrepreneur in a specific type of business.


The criteria for excellence in final submission will rely on:

1. Demonstrated research and depth of knowledge and details.

2. How the research is presented and if the presented format is creative. (Yes, you can make a YouTube or any other type of media presentation if you feel it’ll give you a better chance. Judges want to be impressed!…Just remember to submit a copy of the script for us to verify word count.)

3. The level of contributions made by your family to British society, although not essential, will be a bonus.

4. Tell a story, place your family in historical context, but make sure the historical aspect is really relevant to your family.


If an entry does not meet all the requirements, the manuscript will be returned with an explanation. All other contestants will receive feedback on their entries after a winner has been selected by the judges.

Submission Instructions

Prepare a cover sheet containing your name, age, full address, telephone number, and email address. Include the title of the manuscript and number of words. Submit your work to administrator@bmhc.org.uk by 5:00pm 21st April 2014.

Good Luck !!