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Forward Thinking Event: Pathways Into Politics

Please join us for this event bringing together a cross-party panel of political leaders to share their expertise and experience on the challenges, the opportunities and the diverse paths a career into politics can take. The event takes place on Friday 30 November 2018 from 18:00pm – 20:00pm at The British Muslim Heritage Centre.

You will hear from a range of party representatives who will share their experiences of balancing the diverse needs of the constituents and communities they serve, both at a local and national political level. Participants will include young Muslim/ BAME (Black Asian and Minority Ethnic) leaders at different stages of their professional careers, representatives from civil society organisations, community activists and those aspiring to a career in politics. The inaugural Pathways into Politics event was launched in the House of Commons with Parliamentary support on 18th April 2018 and chaired by Rt Hon. Dominic Grieve QC MP. Report can be downloaded for free here.

The need for this event

All members of British society must feel that they are able to fully participate in public life. However, major challenges to wider BAME participation within local and national political leadership remain. Young leaders, students and professionals from an Islamic faith background have stressed to Forward Thinking that the available pathways into politics continue to appear to be extremely narrow, with the barriers high and access to support and positive roles models low. These challenges are particularly acute for Muslim women. When inclusivity within public services and bodies is absent, they become unreflective of the communities they serve, compounding a broader sense of exclusion, isolation and religious, socio-economic and cultural disempowerment within BAME communities. Therefore, sincere efforts must be made to widen available pathways to strengthen the legitimacy of, and confidence in, British democracy.

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