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GCSE Islamic Studies at BMHC

Course Summary

A new two year academic course open to secondary school students in Years 9 comprising a 50% study of Islam and a 50% study of Christianity. This covers the syllabus of AQA GCSE Religious Studies A (8062).

Status Full AQA GCSE Religious Studies A
Course Dates Starts Tuesday 19th September 2017  (runs until June 2018)
Times Tuesdays 7.00pm to 8.30pm
Contact Hours 1.5 hrs per week (approximately 33 weeks)
Target Group Secondary school students Years 9 ONLY
Prerequisites Nil (If you are already doing RS GCSE in Year 10/11 at school then you MUST speak to us before registering)
Frequency Weekly
Duration 2 academic years
Venue British Muslim Heritage Centre, Manchester
Fees £180 to be paid over 2 semesters in each year – £90 each semester.(This fee includes new course books and materials)

+ £70 exam fees in 2019 (this may slightly increase)


NOTE TOTAL FEES OVER 2 YEARS =  £360 (bargain price)

Contact Name Sr Khadijah   07904 651 562
Contact Email caryl.clavering@yahoo.co.uk
Registration Deadline 19th September 2017 (Limited numbers available, so register early)
Tuition & Assessment All units will be taught in English. Students will be assessed throughout the course with 2 formal written examinations at the end of the course.

A certificate from AQA GCSE examination board will be awarded to students.

Course Content Details


Learning Outcomes


1)         Beliefs, teachings and practices of two world religions (50%); Christianity and Islam

2)         Thematic studies based around Christianity and Islam (50%);

Theme A: Relationships and families      Theme B: Religion and life.

Theme C: The existence of God & revelation

Theme D: Religion, peace & conflict


By the end of the units students should have developed skills which enable them to:

  • Consolidate learning by participating in reading and writing activities and assessment.
  • Able to use a wide range of learning sources including e-learning and to practise and consolidate knowledge gained.
Delivery Lectures, tutorials and assignments.
Assessment At the end of the academic year there will be 2 exams:

  1. 1 hour 45 mins      50%  (Islam)
  2. 1 hour 45 mins      50%  (Christianity)


1.GCSE Religious Studies for AQA A:Christianity

Series edited by  Cynthia Bartlett , By (author)  Marianne Fleming , By (author)  Peter Smith , By (author)  David Worden

ISBN13 9780198370338


2.GCSE Religious Studies for AQA A: Islam

Paperback GCSE Religious Studies for AQA A

Series edited by  Cynthia Bartlett , By (author)  Marianne Fleming , By (author)  Peter Smith , By (author)  David Worden

ISBN 10 019837034

For any further information, please contact:

Sr Khadijah

Tel: 07904 651 562

Email: caryl.clavering@yahoo.co.uk (Administration)

General enquires

Saima Alvi                  

Tel: 0773 830 1775

Web: http://www.bmhc. org.uk


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