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Importance of Muslims Participation in the 2021 Census

Asalaamu alaikum,

As many of you may already know, the census which takes place every 10 years, will be taking place soon in the UK starting on March 21st 2021.

Many Muslim organisations campaigned very hard to have Islam included as a religion in the census because it is very important for our community to gain recognition.

The previous censuses confirmed that British Muslims are the most diverse religious community, who come from many different ethnic groups. But the census data also showed us that British Muslims have higher levels of socio-economic disadvantage compared with all other minority faith groups. This is why the census statistics are so important for the British Muslim community in the fields of education, childcare, healthcare and more. Also, if our local authority knows how many Muslims are living in the city or certain neighbourhoods, they can provide more funding for religious needs like planning for Muslim cemeteries or providing halal meals in hospitals.

For this reason, it is important to complete the census and Imams to also encourage our Muslim congregations to make sure they also complete the census for every single person who lives in the home. Every person counts and every count means the right to ask for services and funding to help the Muslim community. It is also important to know that it is a legal requirement to complete the census form and you may be fined £1000 if we do not.

The census will be online and can be completed until the end of April. Please remember to take the time to do it accurately – this will help our community.

You will be sent an access code to fill the form. But if you didn’t receive an access code you can request one here: https://census.gov.uk/en/request/access-code/enter-address

This can be sent to you by text or post.

If you need any help filling the form, or have any questions you can contact the census advisers using the contact details below:


Telephone: 0800 141 2021

Text message (SMS): 86677

Other languages: If you need to speak to us in another language, call our free language helpline on 0800 587 2021

This post is also available in: Arabic