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Living The Legacy Conference 2013

Ather Khan (Peace TV - India)

The Muslim civilisation stretched from Spain to China making leaps and bounds in science, mathematics, medicine and civil society. Great jurists such as Imaam Abu Hanifa, great Muhadith such as Imaam
Bukhari and great liberators such as Saladeen Ayubi have all gone down in the books of history for their legacy. To celebrate this great legacy, The British Muslim Heritage Centre organised an evening
of inspiration on Friday 28th of June 2013. The international line-up of scholars and orators, ignited a passion for Muslims to continue the legacy and start positive contribution to the world.
Speakers Include:

  • Shaykh Shady Asuleiman (Australia)
  • Shaykh Zahir Mahmood (UK)
  • Ather Khan (Peace TV – India)
  • Ajmal Masroor (UK)
  • Nasheeds / Spoken Poetry by YouTube Sensation – Kama Saleh (Australia)

A packed audience captivated by the talks

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