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New Muslim World Conference

UK Islamic Mission & Halis Media present the New Muslim World Conference. This celebration of faith will take place at the European Islamic Centre, Manchester on the 23rd December 2018.

Speakers include:
• Gabriel Keresztes
• Sheikh Abdurraheem Green
• Arnoud Van Doorn
• John Fontain
• Ustadha Ameena Blake
• Batool Al-Toma
• Fiona Kirubi

Plus, special guest Eddie Rediovic, artist Muslim Belal, and hosts, Muhammad Yusuf Bashforth and Junaid Rahim Ma.

Free Registration until 12/11/2018. Book your seats now at www.nmwconference.com.
(Normal price is £10/person after 12/11/2018 and £20 on the door)

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