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Our Latest Publications

Below is more information on our latest publications by the British Muslim Heritage Centre:

Ottoman Turkey – History, Culture & Civilisation
A fascinating new book detailing the numerous scientific, artistic and architectural accomplishments of the Ottomans. The book covers such topics as the Ottoman contribution to horticulture, offering an examination of the art of gardens and gardening through the diffusion of plants and flowers, immortalised in the Ottoman imperial motive of the Tulip.

This publication reaches beyond the restrictive and narrow vantage of ‘East and West’ stereotypes to explore the many but, often little-known, wonderful civilisational achievements and the lasting legacy, beliefs and practices of the Ottoman Turks.

Pearls of Wisdom
Words have the power to influence others, to get something done, to learn or teach, to change the world, and sometimes, just to make us feel better.

The literary pearls of wisdom uttered by the Prophet of Mercy, Muhammad (peace be upon him), are among the timeless, unforgotten words that continue to resonate with us today. They have the ability to move us deep inside and evoke hope, love, justice, compassion, kindness, self-reflection, courage, and effect social change.

We hope some of the timeless quotes compiled in this book by the British Muslim Heritage Centre will continue to inspire a new purpose and outlook in our lives.

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