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Radio Ramadan Volunteers Dinner and Award Ceremony


Radio Ramadan Volunteers Dinner and Award Ceremony

The British Muslim Heritage Centre (BMHC) held a special dinner and award ceremony for the volunteers and their families on Friday 1st August 2014.

The BMHC would like to thank everyone who tuned in to Radio Ramadan on 87.7 fm and online through our website during the month of Ramadan. We also like to thank you every one who took time to vote for the Radio Ramadan Awards.

Radio Ramadan Awards 2014 – The Results 

Facebook – Most Popular Overall  
1st – Manchester Muslim Writers
2nd – Mini Muslims
3rd – Live & Lyrical 

Twitter – Most Popular Overall
1st – The Rant
2nd – The Myriad Show
3rd – Manchester Muslim Writers

Most Interactive Single Show on Social Media (Facebook and Twitter) 
1st – Breakfast Show with Sahar Rauf and guest Louisa Butt (Topic: Marriage)
2nd – The Rant (Topic: Culture/Marriage)
3rd – Mini Muslims (Topic: Eid Card Competition results)

Most Inspirational Show
1st – High Performance – Hafizah Ismail
2nd – Live & Lyrical – Athar & Hassanain
3rd – The Muslim Voice – Yusuf Shamyl

The Funniest Show
1st – Mini Muslims
2nd – Drive Time with The Twins
3rd – The Rant

Most Positive Impact Show
1st – Pasha Shah – Peace Talk
2nd – Yusuf Shamyl – The Muslim Voice
3rd – Breakfast Show – Sahar Rauf

Most Informative Show
1st – Ramadan Reflections – Mustafa Graf
2nd – Manchester Muslim Writers
3rd – Iftar Programme – Dr Abdul Aziz

Most Popular Show

1st – The Rant
2nd – Mini Muslims
3rd – Drive Time with The Twins

The Best Advertisement
1st – Pepe’s
2nd – Mac & PC Center
3rd – Blakewater Solicitors
Funniest Advertisement
1st – Mac & PC Center
2nd – Pepe’s
3rd – Uncle B’s Fish & Chips

The Best Voiceover
1st – Uncle B’s Fish & Chips/Blakewater Solicitors
2nd – Mac & PC Center
3rd – Everest Pharmacy

Best Male Presenter 
1st – Bilal Khan – Drive Time with The Twins
2nd – Yusuf Satwillkar – The Rant
3rd – Yusuf Shamyl/Pasha Shah – The Muslim Voice/Peace Talk

Best Female Presenter 
1st – Saaima Iqbal – Mini Muslims
2nd – Sahar Rauf – Breakfast Show
3rd – Hafizah Ismail – High Performance

Best Show of Radio Ramadan 2014
1st – Drive Time with The Twins
2nd – Mini Muslims
3rd – High Performance with Hafizah Ismail

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