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Ramadan Announcement

Ramadan will begin on Thursday 17th May inshā’Allāh. Therefore Taraweeh prayers will begin tonight, Wednesday 16th May, at 10.50pm inshā’Allāh. This year men will be praying in The Marquee and women in the main building.

Please arrive early as it is likely to be very busy and remember to keep the noise low to avoid disturbing our neighbours.

When attending the Taraweeh prayers at the British Muslim Heritage Centre, please be mindful of the following:

  • Park your vehicles according to instructions provided by our Security Staff.
  • When leaving the Centre at the end of Taraweeh, please do so peacefully. Our Neighbours have rights over us. Many of them will be sleeping at this late hour, especially children and the elderly. Therefore, please do not speak loud or shout. Please do not honk your horn. Please do not slam your car doors or rev your car engines.
  • If you intend to bring children with you, please keep them next to you during prayers. They are your responsibility. Respect those who are worshipping.

Finally, please adhere to any instructions provided by our Staff, Security and Volunteers at all times. They are there to help ensure everything runs smoothly and everyone has an enjoyable experience.

To download the 2018 BMHC Ramadan Calendar please click here.

Jazakamullah khair

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