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Rashid Course at the British Muslim Heritage Centre

Rashid Course at the British Muslim Heritage Centre


It is the hope of many Muslims in the West to go abroad and study Islam on a deeper and scholarly level from the original sources through the Arabic medium. However, the reality of life may not allow many to materialise this ambition in life. While maintaining a law abiding decent life, it is an obligation upon Muslims to know the fundamentals of their religion and practice in a mature manner under any given circumstance.

It is only fair to expect from individuals to practice their religion according to their best ability, after having gone through a basic course in a language that they understand. The Rashid course is designed to provide the opportunity to interested individuals, to go through a course over 2 years period on a part time basis, without affecting any full time education or employment commitment. The course will cover a very high level of correct ‘Quran Recitation’ and fundamentals of Islam through ‘Islamic Studies’ modules.


To follow the right way is the aspiration of every mature person in life. The Rashid Course intends to enlighten every individual with the basic knowledge of Deen (religion), in particular, the essential knowledge of Deen {ilm min ad-deen bid-darurah} and how it should be practised in our day to day life. Rashid is an Arabic term meaning following the right way; hence, the Caliphs are called ‘Al-Khulafa Ar-Rashidun’, the rightly guided Caliphs. It also denotes to being sensible, reasonable and having maturity of mind.

The term ‘Rushd’ and ‘Rashid’ is repeatedly mentioned in the Quran in line with maturity, sensible conduct, the right path, guidance, knowledge etc, but the overall usage denotes to ‘maturity’, ‘knowledge’ and ‘guidance’. It is the hope of the ‘Rashid’ course to assist the participants to manage their affairs in the right way with knowledge and guidance, as stated in the Quran: “Our Lord! Bestow on us mercy from Yourself, and manage for us our affair in the right way!” (18:10)


This course is designed for those wishing to develop their fundamental understanding of religion, practical knowledge and skills to practice and disseminate to others. The course provides participants with the opportunity to understand the core aspects of Islamic beliefs and practices. It focuses on academic issues within each science, highlighting the main discourse, disagreement and effective application of knowledge within a given context. The course takes a holistic approach from theory to practice, along with assessment at the end of each module to certify the level of achievement.

The course also includes a teaching module to high-light underlying educational philosophies and pedagogy, along with teaching placements, in order to develop teaching skills for those wishing to contribute through teaching in Islamic Supplementary Schools and other relevant establishments.


There are two primary objectives of the course, which are:

  • Learn your Deen – To equip all participants with fundamental knowledge of Deen
  • Teach your Deen – To enable interested individuals to teach the fundamentals of Deen

Additionally, it can also be expected from those who accomplish the full course to play a positive role in ‘Presenting Islam’ (being a Daiee), being a Speaker (on general knowledge of Islam), and fill up the role of Imam and Khatib where needed, in particular, at the workplace and educational establishments.


The primary target audience of the course is adults, those who are over 18 years of age. However, the course is specifically designed for two groups of people:

  • College/University students and Professionals, who will be able to accomplish the course in 2 years without giving up any time from education or employment.
  • Young mothers, who maybe taking a break from professional careers while raising their children. This is a unique opportunity for them to acquire the fundamental knowledge of their Deen with correct recitation of the Quran, so that they can teach their children and those who wish, can further teach in Islamic Supplementary Schools and other relevant establishments.


The course has two pathways, which are as follows:

  • Path A – Quran Recitation
  • Path B – Islamic Studies

Though both paths are independent and can be completed on their own. However, it is strongly recommended to complete both paths together, as both paths are highly complementary to each other, and both are integral parts of the ‘Rashid Course’.

Additionally, for the teaching Certificate, one has to complete a teaching placement for both paths, Quran Recitation and Islamic Studies.

Rashid Course
Certificate of Course Completion Quran Recitation Islamic Studies
Certificate of Teaching Course (with teaching placement) Quran Recitation Islamic Studies


For more information, please contact 020 3743 9350. Alternatively, please visit www.RashidCourse.com for full details on Rashid Course.

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