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Press Statement – ROHINGYA, The Forgotten People

Governments and local communities urged to highlight the plight of Rohingya people

Kyaw Win from Burmese Muslim Association and Burma Human Rights Network said, “Rohingya genocide in Burma is the outcome of anti Muslim sentiment. Anti Muslim sentiment is the outcome of religious based ethno-nationalism in Burma. There are layers of hatred and ideology involved behind the Rohingya genocide. In order to address the Rohingya issues we need to address the root cause and the solution is not feasible without addressing the root cause”. 

Yousef Dar from the Community Safety Forum one of the organisers of the conference said, “It’s a sad indictment to humankind that the world has witnessed yet another genocide in our modern times and no one is prepared to raise a hand or a voice to challenge this visible cleansing of a vulnerable and desperate people. This is also a classic example of Islamophobia, where people are dehumanised because of their religion. The world cannot allow this to go unnoticed. We must all stand up as human beings to help vulnerable and exploited people who have no support and no voice. ”

The conference entitled ‘ Rohingya – The Forgotten People’ is to take place on Friday 6th November 2015 at 7pm at the British Muslim Heritage Centre, College Road, Manchester M16 8BP. Speakers confirmed include Kyaw Win, Tun Kin, Yasmin Qureshi MP, Jim Battle of the GMPCC, Elinor Chohan, Saima Alvi and others.

For more information, media enquiries or tickets to attend this event please contact  07833494088


ROHINGYA, The Forgotten People, Ethnic Cleansing & Modern Day Slavery in the 21st Century

A conference to be held at BMHC on Friday 06th November 2015 at 7:00pm insha’Allah

For bookings and further details, please refer to the leaflet below. Thanks.

Rohingya event poster

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