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Trust Building Between Communities

Trust, community cohesion and integration have been the focus of much media attention and political debate. The rhetoric of parallel lives, mistrust and segregation is often invoked, what is missing from the debate is clarity about what trust between communities looks like, what the evidence about community cohesion says and what practical steps can be taken to build trust.

The trust building between communities conference, organised by the British Muslim Heritage Centre, Runnymede Trust and Bridge Institute, aimed to better understand the evidence around barriers to trust building and highlight best practice in trust building. Over 40 attendees, including community stakeholders, civil society organisations and local government officials, took part in the conference.

Key speakers were invited to present their responses to the following questions:

  • What are the issues and barriers to trust building between Muslims and Non-Muslims in Britain today?
  • What has been the experience, successful or otherwise, in trust building between communities – examples and best practice?

You can download the full document by clicking here.

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