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Volunteers Needed for Jummah Prayer

Friday prayer, Jummah

The BMHC is reopening the Marquee for Jummah prayer with limited spaces for  men only (we will inform you when we have the provision for women).

The following information is important for worshippers who are planning to attend.

Jummah Time: 13:30 in summer and 12:45 in winter

People with the following conditions should not attend the prayer

  • Those aged 65+, or children under the age of 12
  • Those with underlying health conditions and at modrate and high risk from Corona virus (see details on the NHS website)
  • Those who have symptoms of COVID-19 (new persistent cough, flu, fever or a lost sense of taste or smell)
  • Those who live or have regular contact with COVID-19 patient(s)

We have prepared our facilities according to the Government Guidelines  to prevent the spread of Virus. In this respect, we have set certain rules and urge you all to strictly follow them in our mutual interest.

Preparation Advice

Please  ensure you bring the following before you come to pray at the BMHC:

  • Your own Prayer mat
  • A shoe bag
  • Face mask/covering
  • Your own folding chair (if you need one)
  • Perform wudhu at home (as wudhu facilities and toilets will NOT be available).
  • Pray Sunnah at home

Registration Process

Please help by coming early and joining the queue. Confirmation of registration at the entrance is compulsory and our health and safety team will take the following steps:

  • Confirm or record your details ( name, postcode and phone number)
  • Check if you have your prayer mat, a face mask, no high temperature and a bag for your shoes.
  • Close the entry gates as soon as the maximum number of 200 people is reached as per government safety and social distance regulations.

Social Distancing Rules

While at the centre, please take extra care to comply with these rules:

  • Stay calm in the queue and keep at least 1+ metres (or two arms’ length) apart from each other
  • Please do not hug or shake hands with anyone
  • Sanitise your hands, from the foot operated sanitiser at the entrance, after putting your shoes in your bag
  • Refrain from touching anything with your bare hands (e.g. door handles or wall etc.) 
  • Enter the prayer hall and lay the prayer mat at the marked spot
  • Wear a face mask at all times.

After the Prayers

Things to consider whilst leaving the centre after the prayers: 

  • Please pray any remaining Sunnah at home
  • Please do not gather anywhere on the BMHC grounds and follow 1+ metres (or two arm’s length) social distancing rule while leaving

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding

Note: We need volunteers (16 to 50 year olds) to help and support the Jummah prayer. If you are interested, please send an email to  w.hashmi@bmhc.org.uk

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